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About Us

Our Story

United Solar and Roofing came out of 12 years of friendship and desire to help customers find electrical freedom from ever rising prices in energy. Aaron Morris and Andrew Donato have been in the sales and energy field for years, allowing them to make partnerships with some of the best Solar Installers and Financiers in the business. We vet out our vendors to make sure our clients are getting the best when making huge financial decisions like this to make sure you’re in great hands. Let us help you with your Solar/Roofing needs and turn a process that leaves you spinning into simple and easy! Contact us to get a free quote!

Our Mission

At United Solar and Roofing, we cut through the fluff. No gimmicks, no fancy jargon—just reliable solar solutions and solid roofing. You need power? We harness the sun. You need protection? We’ve got your roof. Straightforward, efficient, and no BS.

Areas we serve